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Software development is what we do best. We build solid, robust applications; applications that solve business problems. To make the development as rapid as possible we often employ techniques that we have already developed. The reuse of code shortens the development time and leads to applications that are more stable. Additionally, we are innovators and welcome the chance to build new solutions. Very often our development straddles both strategies, relying on proven techniques while incorporating new ideas and technologies.

HamerData has been creating solutions for the Dairy Industry for over 20 years. In the past, most of the development was on an OpenVMS platform, using Cognos' 4GL tool Powerhouse. Currently the focus is on developing complex, n-tier, web applications using the .NET framework.

E-commerce is another area of our expertise. Working in the capacity as the Web Manager, HamerData provided the on-going development and support of a B2B exchange that brought two Dairy Industry partners together. A much larger e-commerce web project is just being completed. This is an application that allows an exchange of information between the Dairy processors and the marketing board. Our involvement with this application will continue as both the Web Manager and as the Application Administrator.

In all of our development work, the applications are driven by the data in underlying databases. It's crucial that the database be well designed to facilitate both the development and the end use of the application. Good database design is paramount.

At HamerData we understand that support is a requirement of all applications. Upon completion of a project, our knowledge and experience means we can easily and effectively provide support. We can help when needed or we can commit to a fixed support regime. We have always been able to find the correct level of support by working with our clients.

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