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Powerhouse Development - ADT

Hamerdata has been involved in the development, maintenance and ongoing support of major Powerhouse applications. Powerhouse is a very powerful 4GL tool created by Cognos. Cognos refers to Powerhouse as an ADT - Application Development Tool. It runs on most midrange computers and provides developers with the tool for rapid development.

We've been helping our client through the entire lifecycle of their Powerhouse development, right from it's introduction in 1991, building the data dictionary, designing and writing the applications and on to the support and redevelopment of a mature system. Managing the day-to-day operations of the IT department for our main client meant supporting a system of over 1,200 Quick (online screen) programs, 800 QTP (batch processing) programs and 1,000 Quiz reports. On the Alpha, most of the QTP and QUIZ programs were connected via DCL command procedures (over 1200). Currently, support is being offered to help the client change the data structure behind the applications from a RMS file structure to an Oracle database.

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