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We build web solutions to solve business problems. This can be to create simple web presence or it can be a much more sophisticated web-based software project that involves multiple user abilities and the capturing and processing of data. We have extensive experience in n-tier, data-driven web applications. Additionally, we have artistic consultants who can create for you imaginative and eye-catching designs. What does your business need?

We're always building another web site.Call, tell us you business need and we'll create a solution for you.

A selection of sites that HamerData has created are listed below.

A complex, transactional web application that initially addressed the needs of reducing costs in collecting and verifying data from dairy processors. This was done by streamlining, standardizing and collecting the data in a central location, making it available for both the billing process and the task of verifying the accuracy of the data. Recent enhancements addressed the needs of creating timely invoices. Invoicing is in excess of 2 billion dollars a year.

The site was created to provide a professional and conservative web presence for the business. While the site is understated it's comprehensive nature ensures that the main aspects of the business have exposure on the web.

This business needed to be found so we built a site to create an online presence that would bring in prospective customers. And it works! Most customers report that they found the business on the web.

Done with straight HTML, this site is designed to showcase the artwork of Diana Hamer. The aesthetic look of the site is paramount. The work on this site is ongoing as it continues to accommodate the ever increasing body of work by the artist.

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